Swimming lessons.

Sissi is in the swimming pool of Gargnano with the fifth class.

They are having some lessons. What fun!!!!



She is wearing her swimsuit and goggles…

She is ready to swim!



Massimo and Vroni

At this weekend Massimo was at Vroni´s home. They went skiing, sledging and cross-country skiing. Furthermore he was with Vroni at the children´s choir in Schaftlach.

Sissi meets Massimo in Waakirchen!

How nice for Sissi to meet Massimo again in Waakirchen! But it was great to see the children, the teachers, the principal and the parents too!!!!

We spent three unforgettable days with you all! Thanks and see you in May on Garda lake!

Here the pictures of our farewell….

We found the snow in Gargnano too! What a surprise!!!